Data Science Services

Data are now considered strategic assets in every major industry. This is driving organizations to invest in applied data science methods to thrive and maintain their essential competitive advantage. Many organizations have achieved success in performance management and BI and are now ready to build on that success with Predictive and Prescriptive solutions. eCapital brings practical data science experience to partner with and guide your teams along their data science journey.

Assessments and Roadmaps – What is the optimal path forward to take advantage of predictive and prescriptive analytics? Each organization has its unique challenges and objectives, and each is in a different state of readiness. eCapital roadmaps are designed to assess your organization’s readiness based on your existing needs, data assets, skillsets, and experience to deliver a multi-phased data science roadmap. This low-risk, high-reward investment is a great first step toward building your data science capabilities and defining your path forward.

Time Series Forecasting and Resource Optimization – For organizations seeing initial success with performance management and planning tools, a powerful next step is to deploy time series forecasting and resource optimization solutions. Time series can improve your forecasts while enabling forecast automation, trend visualization, seasonality identification, and reveal explanatory relationships and drivers of your business. These forecasts can then be combined with resource optimization tools to improve inventory management and other resource planning challenges.

Custom Project Needs – Ultimately, data science is not about the tools or the amount of data you have collected. It’s about utilizing the right data in smart ways to generate strategic insight, reduce costs, and fully leverage growth opportunities. eCapital will work with you to identify, prioritize, and design the data science projects best suited to your current needs.

IBM SPSS Modeler Consulting – This powerful visual data science platform delivers data science capabilities to a broader range of analytical staff. Its ability to enable exploratory analysis, data preparation, and modeling is powerful and is an integrated component of IBM’s Data Science Experience (DSX) and Watson platforms. eCapital’s data science staff can work with your teams to make the most of your investment in IBM SPSS Modeler.