Big Data and Data Analytics

How data is stored and analyzed is continually changing. The industry has changed from highly complex, very rigid and expensive enterprise data warehouses into forming very agile analytical marts and adaptive data lakes. In our highly connected world it’s important to have a strategy that leverages your traditional in house sources along with emerging cloud data sources. eCapital Advisors has the experts and experience you need to stay out in front of technology’s ever-present wave of forward progress.

Data Integration & Governance

Data integration and governance solutions can help you discover, enrich, integrate and manage data over its lifetime. Design-once, run-anywhere simplicity promotes efficient operations even as your environment evolves and scales. And with self-service and IT-managed capabilities, anyone from data scientists to business users can access fit-for-purpose data.

Having a strategy in this area provides many benefits:

  • Enables collaboration to bridge the gap between business and IT
  • Helps align business and IT objectives
  • Provides metadata integration & data lineage insight
  • Always-on operational data integration & data quality
  • Linear scalability and infrastructure optimization
  • Broad connectivity to nearly all data sources
  • Productivity tools for organizational efficiency
  • Accelerated data integration deployments
  • Can run natively in a Hadoop cluster

When we have good information we make better decisions. This is why we invest heavily in analytics technology. With tools that can extract insight out of mountains of data, the result is better, faster decision making that leads to operational efficiency and competitive advantage. When analytics tools do not have good data, you are not getting useful or timely answers. When decisions need to be made quickly, being confident in your answers is crucial. This is where IBM integration and governance can help.

Data Transformation Roadmap and Advisory Services

Transforming an organization is not an easy process for any company. Performing this within a space that is moving at the speed of Moore’s law can be daunting. Whether it’s trying to increase revenue, decrease expenses, or retaining customers it’s important to have a well thought out plan on how to get there. eCapital Advisors can assist you with understanding where you are at currently, what are your business priorities and goals, and put a plan on how to achieve them.