Reporting and Dashboards

We understand information isn’t enough. You need clear, actionable reports and dashboards. eCapital delivers this dashboard to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device—giving you access to reports and easy-to-understand data visualization that lets you drill down, drill up, and drill through to the metrics you need to drive performance.

Operational Dashboards

Effective decision making requires the ability to integrate massive amounts of data from multiple sources into a comprehensive whole. Multiple sources of data mean multiple sources of mistakes.

Combining the data from Operations, Sales, HR, IT, and Finance and producing actionable and timely information is the ultimate goal. eCapital Advisors does this by implementing business analytics solutions, modeling your organization’s data and identifying key drivers. Actionable, accurate data means you can make decisions with confidence.

Mobile Analytics

Whether you have a small department, an inexperienced team or just a short timeline, our Mobile Analytic solutions experts can help you deliver fast results. Our centralized delivery team brings speed and skill to any analytic project large or small, including the creation of custom-designed, stand-alone executive mobile reports.

Whether you’re online or offline, in the office or out, Mobile Analytics gives you the flexibility to access your data on a rich, intuitive interface whenever, wherever.

  • Connected or Disconnected, give your users the ability to take action
  • Confidently and easily deploy relevant and reusable business intelligence to any device
  • The eCapital Innovation Centerworks with your team to design and build powerful Active Reports
  • Based on your unique reporting needs we create highly visual, interactive and informative reports
  • Using our team of web designers, data architects and developers we quickly deliver the analytics your company needs to compete