Decisions, Decisions – Need to make better Data Driven Decisions?

Advanced Analytics Accelerates Decision Making and Drives your Competitive Edge

New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IOT), social and mobile are enabling companies to make real time decisions based on analytics. Is your organization ready and able to make sense of the volume, velocity and variety of data coming your way? Those companies who are tackling this problem today will be the leaders in the market tomorrow.

If your organization is challenged with data challenges like accessing new data sources, working with a variety of formats, or siloed data sources, we can help. IBM is an expert at guiding you to quickly get the insights you need from the data you depend on, regardless of where it lives.

Please join us for dinner on May 17, 2018 to learn more about how IBM’s next generation of hybrid data warehouse solutions can help you make better data-driven decisions quickly. Hear how our new scalable, performance optimized and cloud-ready platforms accelerate development and deployment times for your data scientists, analysts, developers and line-of-business owners. And finally, learn about our common SQL engine providing federation, low latency and support for ad-hoc and complex queries for your data users.

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  • Date: 05/17/2018 5:00 pm
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