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FP&A Virtual Roundtable: Re-forecasting 2020

These are unprecedented and challenging times for businesses and organizations as a result of COVID-19. Accounting and finance professionals must re-do prior 2020 budgets as they no longer apply - perhaps as a result of increased demand or a changed go-to-market strategy.

Chasing Perfection | Virtual Roundtable with Sue Hawkes and Lisa David

Sue and Lisa will open fresh dialogue and help around these topics and more: ● BALANCE IS BULL$HIT: Discovering your untouchables ● CONQUERING CATASTROPHE : Now is the time to step up, be authentic and be wildly creative ● UNLEARNING TO LEARN : New habits that will transform your life and work ● INTUITION IS YOUR SUPERPOWER: Ways to tap into your intuition to effectively lead ● OPEN Q&A: Answering your questions in real time

FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series for Financial Services

In the financial services space, the effort to “flatten the curve” has created unprecedented operational challenges and business risks, but also new opportunities. There has not only been a major change in the way financial institutions conduct business, but in the way employees do their work and the way consumers manage their finances.

FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series – Global Impact

Given the global nature of FP&A and how the challenges we face are universal, it is important to reach out and support the world as much as possible. FP&A teams are now being called upon to forecast multiple scenarios in compressed timeframes, allowing leadership to make necessary macro- and micro-adjustments to the business.

FP&A Virtual Roundtable Series for Retailers

Retailers are looking at how to manage the fluctuations in demand along with long-term supply chain challenges. Those with physical footprints are preserving and seeking cash while trying to protect their employees' health and safety. Our business partners are asking new questions and seeking urgent insight and guidance from their FP&A teams.

Data Tech 2020

MinneAnalytics is proud to announce the sixth-annual Data Tech, hosted at the Science Museum in St. Paul on December 7, 2020. Join us as we continue to explore the latest in emerging technology and its impact on data science.