If you ever find yourself in the situation where the Shared Workspace Pages folder has deleted or missing, you’ll most likely receive an error message upon logging into Hyperion Workspace. The error message reads “The startup document specified does not exist in the repository. Select a new startup document on the General preferences tab.

Hyperion Shared Workspace Pages folder missing error message

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The default selection in Preferences for the startup page is “Home Page”. If you didn’t know, the Home Page file is actually hidden within the Shared Workspace Pages; hence, deleting the folder will delete the home page file along with it.

Hyperion Shared Workspace Pages default home page

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Hyperion Shared Workspace Pages - folder selection

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Hyperion Shared Workspace Pages - Show Hidden

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Upon showing the hidden items, you will see the HomePage file along with other hidden folders in the navigation pane (same folders you’ll see in FR Studio).

Hyperion Workspace Pages - hidden folders in the navigation pane

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The solution to get the folder back is to export/import it using LCM from a Reporting backup or a different server (e.g., Development environment). The below steps are to recover using a development server. If you already have a backup created, skip to Step 10.

  • Log into Shared Services of the Dev server as an Administrator
  • Expand Application Groups > Reporting and Analysis > and click on “Reporting and Analysis”
  • Expand “Repository Objects” > “Shared Workspace Pages”
  • Check “Shared Workspace Pages” and “Homepage”
Recovering the Shared Workspace Pages folder in Hyperion

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  • Click the “Define Migration” button
  • Name the export “SharedWS_<Date>” or something similar
  • When the migration has completed, locate the zip file ” SharedWS..” on the same server under ..\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\import_export
  • Copy the zip to the new environment at the same location
  • Log into Shared Services of the Production server as an Administrator
  • “SharedWS..” should show up in the list under File System. Expand “SharedWS..” and click RnA-Reporting and Analysis.
  • Check “Repository Objects” and the rest should be checked automatically
  • Click Import
  • After it has been imported, the folder should appear under Explore
  • This step may not be necessary, but right-click the Shared Workspace Pages folder and Edit Permissions to match:
Hyperion Shared Workspace Pages folder - Edit Permissions

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    • Log off and log onto the system again and the error should be gone and you’ll see the regular home page again

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