User identities are stored by a globally unique identifier (GUID) within Presentation Catalog. Sometimes, when migrating between environments the GUIDs become out of sync, resulting in an authentication error when trying to sign in to presentation services. Follow the steps below to refresh the GUIDs.

Refreshing GUIDs in OBIEE Presentation Catalog

To refresh the GUIDs, two core configuration files need to be modified – NQSConfig.INI and instanceconfig.xml. Just to be on the safe side, save a copy of both files before making any modifications.

Steps to Refresh GUIDs

1. Stop all OBIEE Services

2. Navigate to the OBIEE server NQSConfig.INI file and open for editing.

Refreshing GUIDs - Navigate to the OBIEE server

3. Locate the FMW_UPDATE_ROLE_AND_USER_REF_GUIDS parameter and change the value to YES as shown below:


4. Save and close the file.

5. Navigate to the presentation server instanceconfig.xml file and open for editing.

Refreshing GUIDs - Navigate to the presentation server instanceconfig.xml file

6. Locate the Catalog element and add the UpdateAccountGUIDs sub-element as follows:

OBIEE - add the UpdateAccountGUIDs sub-element

7. Save and close the file.

8. Start all OBIEE services.

9. Presentation Services may fail to start. This is to be expected because the code you just entered was intended to refresh the GUIDs. Now, for services to start again the changes need to be undone.

10. Open the NQSConfig.INI file again for editing and set the FMW_UPDATE_ROLE_AND_USER_REF_GUIDS parameter to NO. Save and close the file.

11. Navigate back to the presentation server instanceconfig.xml file and change the value of the recently added UpdateAccountGUIDs sub-element from UpdateAndExit to none:

OBIEE - change value of UpdateAccountGUIDs sub-element

12. Save and close the file.

13. Restart all services. Once the system components have been started, you should be able to login using the admin username and password.

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