I ran across this error  working in OBIEE 11g Mapviewer(“Some map formatting cannot be displayed”) while building a  report that displayed dollars per county for the entire United States. After executing this report, not all the data for the counties would return. I received the following error.

OBIEE 11g Mapviewer Error:

As you can see, there are certain counties within states that are missing, and even some states not displaying any counties at all. It turns out that mapviewer has a default limitation of how many values that can be returned in a map. The default is less than 1000 but there are over 3000 counties in the United States.

To fix this, I added the following tag in the instanceconf.xml file.


OBIEE 11g Mapviewer - modifying the instanceconf.xml file

I saved the updated instanceconfig.xml file and restarted the BI Services. After the restart I reran my map of the United States. As seen in the screenshot below, all the expected counties are now returning in the map.

 OBIEE 11g Mapviewer - map of U.S. counties without errors

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