An important Planning Analytics update will be applied to all client cloud environments during February and March of 2017. The installation of this update will be done during the week during each customer’s non-business hours and customers will receive advanced notification of the dates and times the update will be performed. IBM will schedule different dates for non-production and production, with non-production being upgraded first, then your production environment.

This exciting update will contain  new features and capabilities that transform the user experience across web, mobile and Excel and bring new paradigms for unbounded analytics with the introduction of Hierarchies in the TM1 Database.

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft™ Excel interface (PAx) 

Formerly called Cognos Analysis for Microsoft™ Excel or CAFE, the upgrade benefits include:

  • New branding, look and feel to reflect a close relationship with Planning Analytics Workspace.
  • New naming conventions for PAx components – Exploration Views, Quick Reports, Dynamic Reports, and Custom Reports.
  • Improved support of TM1 Perspectives features such as Active Forms (branded Dynamic Reports in PAx).
  • Shared components with Planning Analytics Workspace like the set editor and cube viewer.
  • Exploration Views and Quick Reports support Hierarchies for analysis, reporting, and data input
  • All Report modes (Quick, Dynamic, and Custom) can be published as Websheets

Dimensional analysis is further optimized through the following features of Hierarchies:

  • Optimize cube design by leveraging Attribute data, such as characteristics of customers and products, to create Dimension Hierarchies.   Hierarchies can then be represented in Views and Reports as virtual Dimensions.  You can therefore extend Dimensionality of your existing Cubes with Hierarchies, or design more efficient new Cubes having less Dimensions.
  • Multiple Hierarchies from the same dimension can be represented in a View or Report to perform deeper analysis into your data.  You can also perform data entry by spreading data into cells defined by the intersection of 1 or more Hierarchies.
  • Create new Hierarchies ‘on the fly’ and introduce them into your Cube Analysis as virtual Dimensions without the need to change Rule logic or TI Processes.
  • Dimensions can be reorganized by using same-named consolidation members, as the members are now qualified by Hierarchy.

Click here to learn how to plan for the upgrade and read more from Paulo Monte, IBM Product Manager.

Stay tuned as additional details to come once the upgrade schedule is defined or contact us.

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