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Overcoming Big Data Hurdles in 3 Steps


Big data hurdles are no different from the common data issues most organizations are facing except on a larger scale.  How to…

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Modern Visualization: Sunburst Charts


For every 10 people on earth, 1 of them lives on an island1.  That person has an excuse for not knowing about…

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Traditional Data may Mean “Just Because”


A lesson in traditional data history… Once upon a time, we ran our businesses via mainframe computers. Essentially, these machines were a…

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We are seeking Top Talent to join the eCapital Advisors team!

At eCapital Advisors, we know our success is tied directly to the attitude and aptitude of our employees. We work with exceptional people who are business savvy, and possess top analytical, technical, and professional skills. We firmly believe that the highest-quality people produce the highest-quality results, and our incredible staff is a testament to that belief.

We are a young, fast-paced, forward facing organization that values our employees.  By that same token, we want confident, capable people on our team. We are proud to provide training that fuels these ideals, and we will always help you succeed and celebrate your accomplishments.

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