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Webinar: Move your Enterprise Forward with a Modern Analytics Platform


Modern Analytics Platforms: Move your Enterprise Forward Wednesday, December 19th   |  11:00am CST Spend less time managing data Peel the proverbial data onion…

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Webinar : IBM Cognos Release 11.1 Raised the Bar – Part Two


 IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 : An In-Depth Perspective – Part Two Tuesday, December 18th  |  11:00 am CST Presented by Francois, Director,…

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FP&A Roundtable Series in Minneapolis


eCapital Advisors and Brian Kalish, author and thought leader, invite you to an exclusive discussion and lunch on Friday, December 14th. Join…

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Traditional Data may Mean “Just Because”


A lesson in traditional data history… Once upon a time, we ran our businesses via mainframe computers. Essentially, these machines were a…

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Modern Visualizations: Packed Bubble vs Treemap


Modern Visualization Modern visualizations can be confusing.  There are usually multiple datapoints encoded into a single object.  In the previous post, we discussed…

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What Are Analytics Definitions? Defining BI, EPM, and Analytics


What is an accurate analytics definition? In order to truly explain analytics, we need to first define two important, supporting subject areas – Business Intelligence…

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