Those of us that have extensive experience building FDQM integrations have long used either the event scripts or customization within the load action in the FDQM workbench in order to execute standard and/or variablized essbase calculation scripts. This almost always got the job done, but was not easy.

Fast-forward to the current era of FDMEE, and there exists a robust feature which allows FDMEE to pass many different variables and execute calculation scripts at different points in the FDMEE workflow process.


As can be seen in the above image, each Target Application has its own Calculation Scripts tab, which allows scripts to be executed by data rule, location, category or application with a few different options for timing. The options are:

  • Before Data Load (such as a clear script)
  • After Data Load (such as an FX and Agg script)
  • Before Check
  • After Check

The Scope Entity field is the data rule, location, category or application that the script needs to run for. Script name must contain the exact name of the essbase calculation script as it exists on the essbase server.

The other important thing is understanding how to set and pass variables. This is done through clicking on the calculation script paramter pencil.

From here many options exists to pass variables into the FIX statement of a calculation script.

Now that the FDMEE side setup is covered, the final step is to ensure the calculation is ready to accept the variable. The FDMEE script parameter such as “CLR_Period” above, must be properly referenced in the calculation script in Essbase using the SET RUNTIMESUBVARS command.

There we have it! Simple, intuitive FDMEE to Essbase calculation script integration.

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